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Okinawan kobudō – Wikipedia

Okinawan Kobudō (沖縄古武道), literally « old martial way of Okinawa », is the weapon systems of Okinawan martial arts

MKWarehouse: Mortal Kombat X: List of Fatalities and

The original Mortal Kombat Warehouse displays unique content extracted directly from the Mortal Kombat games: Sprites, Arenas, Animations, Backgrounds, Props, …

Isshinryu Karate

What is Isshinryu Karate? Isshinryu (one heart/one mind) introduced in 1954 by Tatsuo Shimabuku. Sensei Shimabuku Studied both the Shorin-Ryu and Goju-Ryu systems; studied Kobayashi-Ryu under Chotoku Kiyan and later under Choki Motobu.

Welcome to Ninjitsu Ryu – Certified Ninjitsu Ryu Black Belts

Welcome to Ninjitsu Ryu, school of Ninjutsu, located in Goodwood, Observatory and Brackenfell.Ninjutsu is an effective martial art, that trains you to be combat ready in a short space of time.Our Ninjutsu training consists of both unarmed and armed combat. We teach awareness first and foremost – rather avoid the situation. However, if you find yourself in a situation, we will teach you how …

Snapper | RangerWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Snapper is the Phantom Beast General that has the Snapping Turtle animal spirit. He possesses Rinzin power. Snapper along with Whiger, Scorch, and five other Phantom Beasts they had attempted to overthrow Dai Shi during the Beast War. The resulting feud had caused the attack on the humans to

Lepus | RangerWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Lepus is a Pixie-Motif Phantom Beast Warrior that holds the spirit of the Rabbit. She is the only female in the Phantom Beasts. Camille approached her, Sonimax, and Osiris hoping that they can give her some of their Rinzin power, but they denied her offer thinking that she is joking.. When Scorch and Snapper decide Camille is the last link to Jarrod’s humanity that must be destroyed to prevent

Fio Germi | Metal Slug Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Character Summary « Don’t worry about me, I’m just fine. » – Fio’s pet phrase. Fio is the only daughter of a wealthy Italian family. The Germi family was historically a military family, so of course Fio’s father wished for the first child to be a strong son.

ARMORY.NET | Replica guns, weapons and cosplay

The Armory offers a wide selection of replica guns, medieval swords, Japanese katana, weapons, armor, samurai swords, roman Armor, cosplay, renaissance clothing and Celtic jewelry.

Bienvenue sur Club Arts Martiaux. com, l’annuaire des

Il vous suffit de remplir le formulaire que vous trouverez en bas de page. Que vous ayez déjà un site ou non, vous donne la possibilité d’être présent sur le plus gros

Protect France

Itay Gil – Le fondateur Protect est sous le leadership et la direction d’Itay Gil, qui injecte dans l’organisation les fruits de toute une carrière passée au service de la sécurité.

Strider Hiryu – Wikipedia

Strider Hiryu (ストライダー飛竜, Sutoraidā Hiryū) is a fictional character jointly owned by Capcom and Moto Kikaku.Although primarily known as a game character, Hiryu (飛竜, « Flying Dragon ») debuted in 1988 as the protagonist of a Japan-exclusive manga titled Strider Hiryu, published by Kadokawa Shoten.. Hiryu made his first video game appearance in the arcade game Strider (1989

Kyokushin-kan International Honbu – World Headquarters

Posted by Nathan Ligo on Apr 18, 2013. Kyokushin-kan Technical Committee To understand the mission of the Kyokushin-kan Technical Committee, chaired by Shihan Hiroto Okazaki, it is important to understand Kyokushin-kan’s view that technical material (kata, bunkai, kihon, etc.) play an integral role in honing karate fighting ability.

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OKUGI Il KDT di Ivrea è fiero di continuare l’interessante corso specifico di KARATE DO OKUGI iniziato anni or sono e tenuto dal M° Ciro VARONE, fondatore del corso.

Aito – Fédération Française de Karaté

L’AITO Self-Défense est une discipline de synthèse, accessible à tous, qui emprunte aux méthodes opérationnelles les éléments d’une self-défense pragmatique, basée sur un leitmotiv simple : sortir le plus indemne possible d’une situation d’agression.Son objectif est de donner à ses pratiquants les moyens de se défendre et d’être vigilant si la situation le nécessite.

Home – Karate Bushido

Billetterie 34e Festival des Arts Martiaux : réservez les meilleures places dès maintenant ! Depuis 1985, le Festival des Arts Martiaux réunit chaque année les plus grands maîtres d’arts martiaux et de sports de combat venus du monde entier….

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